The Tour of America 101

What is the Tour of America? It is an elite women’s multi-stage cycling race that will one day become the women’s counterpart to the pinnacle event in the sport of cycling, the Tour de France.

Audacious? Outrageous? Maybe, but if all goes as planned, this race will launch in the spring or summer of 2019 and become part of the UCI Women’s WorldTour. Each year, the race will grow and rotate to different regions of the U.S., attracting crowds along the route as it showcases the beauty, diversity and energy of America.

It will be a race that attracts some of the world’s greatest athletes as they compete in the ultimate test in cycling for women.

But perhaps most importantly, it will be much more than a race. It will also be a statement about gender equality and women’s empowerment that will be on display, every day, carrying a message to women and girls around the world that says to them – with the right level of commitment and effort – they too can climb to the top of a podium and achieve their goals and dreams.

Was there ever a better time to make a statement like this one?  We don’t think so.

Our small team has a large mountain to climb and we are only just beginning. We want to bring this race to life, and we need you to cheer us on to the top.

So, here’s our simple ask:

Become part of our audience by following our progress, reading our blogs and sharing us with your friends and family. In the months ahead, we’re going to tell you all about this dream we have and why we think it can change the world. The timing couldn’t be better. We hope you’ll join us!


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