July 7, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tour of America?

An exciting new international sports event
The Tour of America is a multi-stage elite women’s cycling race with a targeted launch in the summer of 2019. The race is intended to emerge as a premier women’s event that will become the ultimate test in the sport – a women’s counterpart to the men’s Tour de France. The route of the race will rotate to a different region each year and showcase some of the greatest athletes in the sport as part of the UCI’s Women’s World Tour.

An event with a powerful social impact
The Tour of America is more than a race – it’s a statement that will inspire and empower women and girls around the world. The race will serve as a platform to communicate the importance of women’s education, leadership and equality worldwide. We will do this through our sponsor-driven marketing programs and the globally distributed imagery and video of these great women athletes. The Tour of America will offer women the chance to be the sole focus, to compete at the top of their sport and climb to the top of the podium.


Why is the Tour of America important?

Cycling is a universal pastime and the only activity that is a sport, a leisure activity, a form of exercise and a means of transportation. For this reason, cycling as a sport is something that is relevant in some way to literally hundreds of millions of people – and half of those people are female. Sport has the power to unite people in a way unlike any other global institution, and because cycling is a universal activity, it is among the most far reaching of sports. In parallel, the progress of women is representative of the progress of humanity. The Tour of America will represent progress for women within the global institution of sports, and because cycling is universal, it will engage and inspire girls and women around the world, raising awareness of issues related to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Why Now?

Women’s sports are great sports, and cycling is among the most popular sports in the world. The UCI, Cycling’s international federation, has a vision for strong growth in women’s cycling, and to that end, they have established UCI Women’s WorldTour – a series of standalone women’s races that will take place in Europe, China and North America. The calendar leaves open the possibility of adding multi-stage races, especially in North America, and the Tour of America will be the perfect addition to the 2019 race schedule.

Perhaps most important, women’s empowerment and gender equality is a universal issue of our time, and the Tour of America can serve as a powerful platform to inspire girls and young women to reach their potential in whatever field of endeavor they choose. Now more than ever, this is an issue that we all need to address for the betterment of humanity.

How will people watch the Tour of America?

In addition to broadcast via our national and international media partners, the event will be accessible via the internet through Tour Tracker and other streaming video services. We will introduce innovative viewing options that will include athlete POV cameras, aerial drone coverage, social media coverage and virtual reality viewing that will deliver an unprecedented remote and onsite viewing experience.

Who is behind the Tour of America?

Great Leadership
A perfect combination of executive leadership experience (CEO, Lynn Morgan), sports marketing experience (President, Kevin Donovan) and Event Management Experience (Chris Aronhalt, Medalist Sports)

Great Event Management
Medalist Sports is a world leader in the management of major cycling races and events. Along with years of experience managing the Tour of California, the Tour of Utah and several other major races and rides in North America, Medalist also runs the annual Colorado Classic Cycling race in Colorado and they managed the 2015 UCI World Championships in Richmond Virginia.

Great Support
The Tour of America is privileged to have the support of the national and international governing bodies of cycling (USA Cycling and the UCI). Both organizations are committed to the growth of women’s cycling and embrace the Tour of America concept. Additionally, we are grateful for the ongoing advocacy and guidance of our athlete’s steering committee, Kristin Armstrong, Nicola Cranmer and Tina Pic – key stakeholders who will help make this an unforgettable experience for our competing athletes.

Can I race too?

There are certain World Tour qualifications that must be adhered to when qualifying for a multi-stage race according to the UCI, the international federation for cycling. Our vision is to establish a race that draws from the most qualified elite women cyclists in the world; however, our plan also includes the offering of a completely open race for at least one stage of the race. This single-stage race would follow the same route and take place prior to the start of our elite cyclists.

Why is the Tour of America a good sponsorship opportunity?

Many people say that cycling is the new golf and that many important decisions are now negotiated on bikes rather than greens. That may be true, but at a broader level, cycling delivers an affluent demographic of fans, participants and competitors from every walk of life in the U.S. There are nearly a billion cyclists around the world and over 17 million active cyclists in the United States. Those American cyclists have an average household income of US$87,0000, and 72% of them have a college degree or higher. The event will also be an attractive vehicle to engage Millenials; as an authentic, inclusive and inexpensive event to attend (its free), the Tour of America will deliver a powerful social impact and rely heavily on social media to interact with its American and international audiences. The Tour will also offer numerous activation opportunities. For complete information on the sponsorship opportunity, contact us at info@thetourofamerica.com

Why is the Tour of America a good investment opportunity?

For the growing number of media companies, the demand for compelling sports content has never been higher. Sports is one of the last remaining shared experiences – an event that people watch live from multiple vantage points (on-site, on TV, on their tablets and on their phones). As a result, sports provide media companies and commercial partners with greater visibility and increased likelihood that viewers will see and watch their advertisements. A sports event is virtually “DVR-proof” because it is experienced as it is happening, and this has increased the high demand from media companies, private equity firms, entertainment conglomerates and other entities for ownership stakes in the sources of sports content, aka, the rights holders of sports events. We believe the Tour of America will become an established, globally recognized event with a regular following, and once it is, the desire to own a stake in the race will dramatically increase. For more information on the sponsorship opportunity, contact us at info@thetourofamerica.com


Why is the Tour of America a Unique Sponsorship Platform?

Our vision is to generate a powerful global impact that raises awareness and advances the following causes through this high visibility event:

  • Women’s empowerment and leadership development
  • Global gender equality – ending worldwide gender discrimination and abuse
  • Education – Engaging girls and young women in the STEM fields of study

Along with these core messages, we will offer a set of secondary communications platforms developed in collaboration with our key stakeholders:

  • Environmental Sustainability through the promotion of cycling
  • The health and family benefits of cycling
  • Local community non-profit causes and initiatives
  • Corporate partner/sponsor non-profit causes

Our corporate partnerships will provide a full range of marketing assets and activation opportunities, including:

  • Title/Presenting Partner designation (one sponsor)
  • Broadcast advertising inventory
  • Digital / social media presence
  • Podium / Ceremony sponsorships
  • Festival / Concert / Caravan presence and title sponsorships
  • On-site Expo for product showcasing and sales
  • VIP Hospitality programs and viewing parties
  • Co-branding licensing and merchandising rights

There are a billion cyclists around the world and over 17 million active cyclists in the U.S. representing an affluent and highly-educated demographic that continues to grow and diversify. For more information and a review of our complete value proposition and partnership opportunities, send us an e-mail or call 801-949-1847.

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